Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Journal entry #2

  "Psst, psst. Our captain is a madman, i say we abandon."

  "No we should kill'm"

  "WOOH! Not a good idea guys, i think he knows what he's doing."

  "Are you crazy or something? He's clueless!"

  "BUT DOES HE DESERVE TO DIE!?" I say with my hand clutching the collar of his shirt and my hand ready to locate his nose on the side of his head when suddenly we look over and freeze and see that everyone is looking at us

  "he-he" I quietly chuckle.

New Year's Goals

  • Play less video games/Watch less T.V
  • Become a better reader
  • Become a better skier
  • Get Outside
  I think it would be a slight bit better if we didn't play to much video games. i think we should watch less T.V because aliens can make milkshakes out of our brains! 

How Do I Learn Best

How Do I Learn Best? Today I'm the Tactile/Kinesthetic learner. I can agree with the survey i took, it says i use my body, hands, and sense of touch to learn. I draw and write to understand what i'm doing. I agree with this survey because i really love drawing to understand what i'm doing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jack Farrell

  We have been at sea for a whole other week at sea. soon the clouds slowly darken and a mist that feels as if it were 1,000 needles flying toward me 60 mph. Then we hear booming loud thunder, rip your ear drums out thunder. In less than a second, it starts pouring the waves get bigger. A rock flies out of the waves and hits me smack in the middle of the four head.

  We are soon out of the storm and we do a supply and navigation check i am so glad i woke up from when that rock came out and hit me.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Age of Exploration- Begin the journey

August 1, 1492
Dear Lords and Ladies,

  Today we sailed all the way to the Azoes. Still not too far away from home. My crew is unhappy about the blazing hot sun (we splash water on the boat to keep the cedar from splitting)  and the blinding gleam in the ocean. We decided to stay on the Pink Fluffy Unicorn and start sailing later on.

  Soon ,Just a few miles from the Azoes the wind dies down. The sails slowly falls, And the boat comes to a slow stop. "What do we do now?"i ask. We make up two choices: pick two people to tow the ship with the lifeboat or wait till the wind picks up. I was outvoted to wait.  I strongly disagree with my crew, i'd rather be locked up in a jail cell then be stuck on a boat with this crew. "That's it! I've had enough!" I run from the wheel, I dash to the bow of the boat and dive half way over until my crew catches my  by the ankle i stop in midair and my leg hits the edge of the side of the boat. I soon end up halving a paralyzed knee joint. This will be rough to try not infecting the injury all the rest of the time i'm on this trip.

  We have been waiting here for one whole week. "Shall i jump of the boat again or stay? Jumping it is." i say to my self in my mind.
  "Supply and navigation check!"

sincerely,  Jack Farrell- Helsmen  

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Readers,

This is a personal story about the time I went to Speed Raceway.

Audio recording and upload >>

I walked into the building with buffed glass doors. A man said to us,”Welcome to Speed Raceway, You can sign up over there.” He said with his finger pointing to a row of computers. I walked over to the computers and saw the rest of the luxurious building. I ask my dad if he is going to race to. I already knew the answer in my head. He said no. Then i asked if he could help fill out the information on to the computer. He said sure.

 “What should be my racing name dad?” I asked my dad with my fingers resting on the keyboard.

 “Maybe just Jack Farrell.” He responded.

 “Okay” I said.

  I saw my friend Aiden and ran over to him.

 “Aiden, happy birthday” I wished to Aiden

 “Oh! hi Jack. Thanks for coming” He thanked.

 “Thanks for inviting me” I said.

 “should we go tell my mom your here?” He asked.

 “Okay” I told him.

  We ran over to the party room and i gave his mom Aiden’s present.

 “All racers for Aiden’s birthday party, please come to the track” announced the intercom.

 “Okay boys let's go to the track” Said Aiden’s mom.

  we all walked over to the track.

 “Is this Aiden's Party?” Asked an employee.

 “Yes” Said Aiden’s mom.

 “Okay guys, my name is John and i’ll be helping you guys race today so lets just go over some flags and what they mean. Green means go, Yellow means first lap, Ornge means second, red means third and checkered means stop”. The employee informed us.

 He pulled out a go cart.

 “To move the cart, you step on this pedal. The break is right here on this pedal. Last but not least, the reverse switch is right here, but you probably won’t need to go in reverse mode. Okay guys, thats all you need to know. Are you guys ready to do some racing!?

 “YEAH!”we all screeched.

 “Okay guys lets put on your helmets and get into our carts.”

  We all put on our helmets. While i was putting on my helmet something sparked. I was… scared. I started to sweat. My stomach felt horrible, I felt like I was going to throw up. I felt like i would crash. I felt nervous.  I had never raced a car before and I was terrified!

 “But the, wait, huh, so fast.” I said under my breath.

 “Okay guys lets get into our carts.” said the employee.

 “Oh-no this is not going to turn out right.”

  we all scattered to different carts, except me. I walked as slowly as i could. I dropped into my cart. The light went from red… to green.

 “ZZZOOM” The wheels on the cart forced against the concrete track.

 “AAAHH!” I yelled.

  The cars took off at full speed. I was in second place to third and third to fourth and fourth to fifth and fifth to last place. And in last place i was all the way till the last lap i really had to step on it now so i did. Last place to fifth, fifth to fourth, fourth to third, third to second, and second to first. And i stayed in first place all the way to the finish line.

 “I won!” I yelled.

  I stepped out of my cart. my legs felt warm and sea sick.

 “Time for cake”Announced Aiden’s mom.    



Thursday, September 25, 2014


   An earth quake happens when tectonic plates build pressure against each other and one side pops out and creates an earth quake. The
   Earth quakes can change the surface of the earth can change based on what level it is on the rich tor scale. The land can get completely demolished by an earth quake.

   The rich tor scale categorizes earth quakes in there level of  danger:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. 1 as the safest, and 9 as the worst. they can use the seismograph to identify the number on the Richter scale

   It is important to know about volcanoes because you can be prepared for an eruption any time soon. you'll know what to do.

   Earth quakes mostly occur at the San Andreas fault. At that area the fault line goes straight through the land end is extremely dangerous. That is were earth quakes mostly occur.

   Tsunamis are similar to earth quakes because they are created by tectonic plates popping out of the earth's crust, but just under the water. After the crust breaks it creates a wave that goes through the whole ocean. when a tsunami happens, it destroys everything in its path.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brain and nerves

ladies and gentlemen,

  The nervous system is important because it helps you survive. Your brain is made up of  cells. it has many different ways to help you see color, memorize things, and even help you see. If  you kill a brain cell you do not get it back. The brain receives information from outside the body by: hearing it, developing it, putting it in your brain as information.

  The spinal cord helps you with your reflexes. When you have a doctors appointment, they hit you on the leg with a rubber hammer your leg hops. That is called a reflex. It is a involuntary muscle.The spinal cord is like a plant because it has roots leading of of that go to your muscles. To lift your finger you need: your brain, your muscles, and your spinal cord. Your nervous system is connected to your muscles. you couldn't be able to move without muscles.

  The brain helps you with your involuntary muscles. When you touch something hot (like a fire),your brain tells you to pull it away. That process happens very quickly. That is because you feel pain. That is a reflex.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


it has chex mix and scittles. It is a mixture because you can take it apart or you can seperait them on diffrent. 29% chex mix. 10% scittles. 39 in all

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