Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brain and nerves

ladies and gentlemen,

  The nervous system is important because it helps you survive. Your brain is made up of  cells. it has many different ways to help you see color, memorize things, and even help you see. If  you kill a brain cell you do not get it back. The brain receives information from outside the body by: hearing it, developing it, putting it in your brain as information.

  The spinal cord helps you with your reflexes. When you have a doctors appointment, they hit you on the leg with a rubber hammer your leg hops. That is called a reflex. It is a involuntary muscle.The spinal cord is like a plant because it has roots leading of of that go to your muscles. To lift your finger you need: your brain, your muscles, and your spinal cord. Your nervous system is connected to your muscles. you couldn't be able to move without muscles.

  The brain helps you with your involuntary muscles. When you touch something hot (like a fire),your brain tells you to pull it away. That process happens very quickly. That is because you feel pain. That is a reflex.

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