Thursday, December 11, 2014

Age of Exploration- Begin the journey

August 1, 1492
Dear Lords and Ladies,

  Today we sailed all the way to the Azoes. Still not too far away from home. My crew is unhappy about the blazing hot sun (we splash water on the boat to keep the cedar from splitting)  and the blinding gleam in the ocean. We decided to stay on the Pink Fluffy Unicorn and start sailing later on.

  Soon ,Just a few miles from the Azoes the wind dies down. The sails slowly falls, And the boat comes to a slow stop. "What do we do now?"i ask. We make up two choices: pick two people to tow the ship with the lifeboat or wait till the wind picks up. I was outvoted to wait.  I strongly disagree with my crew, i'd rather be locked up in a jail cell then be stuck on a boat with this crew. "That's it! I've had enough!" I run from the wheel, I dash to the bow of the boat and dive half way over until my crew catches my  by the ankle i stop in midair and my leg hits the edge of the side of the boat. I soon end up halving a paralyzed knee joint. This will be rough to try not infecting the injury all the rest of the time i'm on this trip.

  We have been waiting here for one whole week. "Shall i jump of the boat again or stay? Jumping it is." i say to my self in my mind.
  "Supply and navigation check!"

sincerely,  Jack Farrell- Helsmen  

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