Friday, January 9, 2015

today is probably one of the last days to sail to the islands. We,ll be swimming in a pool of gold while wearing 10,000 jewels, Well at least i hope. Today i could tell that some group of guys were forming some kind of ally and acting like we were going to all go against each other. They seemed to be the ones getting all angry at the captain and everyone could see that was the case. the captain got scared that they were going to kill him but luckily we calmed him. A few hours later, we saw a bird glide smoothly through the sky. we also saw a piece of drift wood with leaves and berries float right past us. The captain quickly said,"who ever sees land first wins 10,000 merevedis ( $ ). "LAND HO!"  calls Tania we've made it. I feel extremely happy yet Jellos.

              sincerely, Jack Farrell-Helsmen

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